PMP exam passed:)

Yesterday I received an Email from PMI, which confirmed I've passed the PMP exam and now became a certificated PMP, hum, I didn't expect the result came out in such a short duration, but anyway, feeling exicting:)

I took the exam on Dec 4th, 2010, I still remember how hard I went over all the knowledge points from 4 books plus other material during the entire November: excepting eating, sleeping, working, I waseither reading PMP books or doing practice test, my mind was full filled with 5 Project Processes, Cost, Time (Schedule), Risk, Communication, EVM, Critical Path, Pareto Chart, 6-Sigma, and so on....

During the reviewing process, I used to write a blog related with EVM, since I spent two whole days in learning & understanding the concept and the complex formulas, at that time I sware I must pass the exam, I told to myself: I've been already working hard on it, if I didn't persist my passion, and eventually I failed the final exam, then all my effort would be meaningless (not 100% useless considering the knowledge points I've learnt), if this happen I proved that I was a foolish guy. I decide not let that happen! And now the fact is I am a little bit smarter than a foolish guy:).

I would like to summarize my experience/tips on passing PMP exam, I believe Search Engines will index them and might help other people.

  1. 2-3 books are far from enough, do not read too many books. Rita's PMP Exam Prep is really a good one, other than that I would recommend a book for Chinese people: 《题解《PMBOK指南》(第4版)》 in which Doctor Zhang shared a lot of experience/skills on the exam, I wrote a review on as a thank:).
  2. Understand the formulas, not just remember it in mind, IMHO this is crucial for the exam, just as I said above, I spent two days on understanding EVM (I know I am far from smart~~).
  3. Practice at least 600 exam questions before the final exam, this is crucial for your success, each question is combined with one or more knowledge points, no matter you make it correct or incorrect, you get deeper understand to the knowledge point behind it.
  4. Reading PMBOK for 2-3 times, I believe very few people can understand AND master 80% of all the knowledge points by just reading it 1 time, most of common people are not genius, persistently hard working is a must.

Just after th exam finished, I took several pictures using my Nikon D7000, just for keeping this memory in my mind, I've decided to post them onto my blog at that time, now I achieve this goal:)




At last I wish all the people who is preparing for PMP pass the exam!

My PMP certificate

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