AWS reinvent 2019 - Las Vegas

This is my second time attending AWS re-Invent, last time was year 2017, the purpose of this blog is to summarize what I’ve learned, impressed and entertained :smile:

At reinvent logo
Crazy crowd at midnight madness party

Overall during my week staying my daily schedule was listening to sessions mixed with slack/emails during the daylight, and party/social in the evening time.

All the keynotes/sessions have been uploaded here: and all announcements were summarized at this page, my personal top 5 thrilled announcements are:

  1. Braket: Quantum computing is seriously coming!
  2. Deep Composor: machine learning (and AI) is already mainstream technology, AWS will never wanna be out of this game, so they announced this a machine learning-enabled musical keyboard for developers, would that be a game changer? Let’s see!
  3. The AWS CDK: no doubt I will try it out and very possible I will be favoring it over terraform/CloudFormation.
  4. Amazon Builders’ Library: Amazon’s official best practices, white papers on arhcitecting/developing on the AWS Cloud Platform.
  5. Outposts: won’t have any impact for developers, DevOps engineers or architects who work on AWS at daily basis, but could expand AWS business to even broader regions/countries, pretty ambitious!

All the session videos have been uploaded to:, well done and very necessary, too! With more than 60,000 attendees this year I am pretty sure not even one attendee was able to listen to all the sessions and have to made some trade offs, so this is our go to place to watch the ones we had missed or even overlooked.

My focus areas are: general architecting, best practices, security, Serverless, containers, databases and chaos engineering practices, list below are the sessions I watched:

This time I was also very proud to stay in the AWS Certification Lounge again (I watched Andy’s keynotes at this lounge) and I collected a pretty great group of certified swags as well:

AWS Certified Swags

I also attended the AWS Certification Appreciation Reception at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas:

AWS Certification Appreciation Reception

After the event on Saturday, I spent my time in doing something “meaningful and exciting”: SkyJump from Stratosphere Tower at Las Vegas - Smile all the way down

Written on the plane from LAS->SFO Dec 7th 2019

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