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After 8 months of continuously hard working, this <Master AWS Development> video course is now live at: Packt Website, I described this course as below:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the gold standard of the cloud. If you are web and cloud computing developer, your life becomes much easier by diving deeper into AWS.

This course shows you how to use AWS services such as IAM, S3, EC2, and RDS/Dynamo to make your applications reliable and have a consistent performance. You’ll build modern serverless applications on the cloud, and use native computing solutions such as Lambda ECS/Fargate to implement cutting-edge container technology. Finally, learn a few popular AWS services like SQS, Cognito, and Kinesis.

By the end of this course, you’ll be a master at building, deploying, and managing your applications on AWS. And you’ll know how to scale and secure your applications thanks to industry best practices.

Marstering AWS Development Video Course

The motivation

In June 2018, PacktPub contacted me and asked my interest for recording a video course, they provided a few topics like AWS, Python, Docker, etc, I knew it could be very challenging but also pretty cool thing to do, so I accepted their invitation without hesitation.

My journey

Nothing begins easily, I actually struggled quite a few weeks on the audio quality. My collaborator Ranjitap Panda suggested me to buy this Microphone, I did and it was quite decent, however, my working room isn’t quite soundproof, so she suggested me to buy something like this to improve the quality, well, I looked at it and I wasn’t that convinced by its effectiveness :sweat_smile:.

I decided to DIY a super professional “recording studio”, it wasn’t so hard after 2 days of hand making:

DIYed super proffessional personal audio recording studio ^_^

So just a moving box and a few pieces of this stuff from Taobao, pretty cool, isn’t it :smile:, but most important, it is free and fun!!

After the initial back and force, I started recording video courses, and I soon realized this was much harder than I originally expected, usually I needed spending 6-10 raw working hours to prepare one video course, and then spent another half an hour to record it, I wasn’t too much concerned about my Chinglish accent (there are many videos courses recorded by Indian English, Japanese English, etc), my accent might be the worst but this shouldn’t stop me from trying :smile: Those raw working hours was invested on the following aspects:

  1. Video structure and outline (<10%)
  2. Knowledge recap and investigate (10%)
  3. Content of narration (%60-%80)
  4. Environment and demo preparation (10%)
  5. Slides (<10%)

The journey was really challenging, besides, I was having a true tough time during the second half of year 2018, this significantly impacted my outcome for this video course, I actually seriously thought about giving up, for quite several times, but eventually I managed and survived:sun_with_face:.

Hitting year 2019, I was doing better, faster and I believe the quality of video was becoming better IMHO, eventually I completed all the video and submitted the assessment during early Apr, 2019, I felt thankful, and indeed, exhausted.


Thank you very much for your valuable time in reading this blog post, please check out Packt Website to view and share this video course, appreciate your support :purple_heart:! As usually, I would like to say my favorite words after a major milestone: this is not an end, this is yet another starting point towards a better future!

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