My New iMac

Hooray! My new development & gaming machine - the later 2013 iMac!

I wrote this blog post to record my thoughts and feelings before and after I purchased this baby:)

My open questions and the answers I got from the Apple customer service

  1. I will choose a dedicated SSD, will it be PCIe based?
  2. Will the 2013 iMac easy to expand memory? Similar with the later 2012?
  3. If I purchase the apple care in Singapore apple website online, will it valid in case in the future I migrated to other country (for example, USA) ?
  4. Will the iMac pre-installed OSX mavericks?
  5. If I buy a external USB 3.0 hard drive, do you think I can install a windows 8 on it?

Upgrade it in a money-saving manner!!


Basic memory installed on the iMac is 8GB, if I choose to buy 16GB I gonna pay extra S$280 (approximate USD 224), according to my personality and habit of spending money, I will NOT do that! So does many other geeks: How to install extra RAM memory in the new iMac, actually installing extra memory for a 27 Inches iMac is fairly easy (while doing this on a 21.5 Inches iMac seems really scary, refer: 21.5-inch iMac Late 2012 Memory Installation Video, I am afraid of doing it^_^), so eventually I purchased a pair of Crucial: 8GB * 2, so I totally got 24GB.

Hard disk

The built-in 256GB SSD is my choice! I didn't choose the fusion drive (1TB HDD with built-in 128G SSD), because I want best performanceSmile; but I do need install Windows for .Net Development and gaming? I admit I am a purist at this point, I don't want Windows slows down my precious SSD, so eventually I purchased a WesternDigital MyBook Pro USB 3.0 external drive, I didn't choose a cool ThunderBold disk because it is out of a poor man's (穷屌 in Mandarin) budgetSmile.

Why iMac instead of an ultimate PC/Workstation?

There are two aspects: positive and negativeSmile

Things I like for iMac

  • Gorgeous 27 inch screen
  • Incredibly fast (hardware) and stable (OSX)
  • Instant warming up (I can put it there for one week, and can wake it up to work within a second)
  • Developer friendly, built-in terminal, SSH, ruby, gcc, JavaScript support.
  • Keyboard is the king! I can achieve 80% of my work mouse less!
  • Wonderful ecosystem: homebrew, QuickSilver, MacVim, iPhoto, iTunes, etc.

Things I don't like for a Windows PC

  • Slow, I wonder most NT developers were developing based on high performance SSD...Win XP > Windows 7 > Windows 8 > Windows 8.1
  • Unstable: blue screen? A few times. Unresponsive UI? Several times! Slow response when I am typing? All the time...
  • Much slower after 3 months...Much slower if it was kept running for several days.
  • There is no way to use it without mouse...
  • The final configuration and the invoice


    Daily tech website describes the 2013 iMac's price is aggressive, IMHO, it worths the price!

    Working with it



    I love it very much! As I expected, it is deadly fast, super stable and reliable, instant warming up; When I am coding on it, I feel I am a genious who can solve problems with easy; When I am gaming on it, I enjoy and splendid image quality and ultimate performance!

    It is just awesome!

    --------------------------------------------------- Updated Nov 28th, I sold the original keyboard/mouse at S$120, because I prefer to use my Cherry mechanical keyboard and gaming mouseSmile.

    --------------------------------------------------- Updated May 2nd 2020, I sold this long-time loved iMac on FB marketspace, because I prefer to use my Cherry mechanical keyboard and gaming mouseSmile.

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