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Per project needs we need print part of a web page, which I have no idea when I saw this requirement, I googled and I read this post:, it basically use document.write to write the content you want to print to a new window by, it works, however I really don't like the opened window.

Occasionally I tried to find out whether CSS can achieve such function, seemed I was on the right way: CSS media types is to control different display settings on different "media", controled completely by your own. What a shame to myself! CSS media types definiton from W3C official page:

One of the most important features of style sheets is that they specify how a document is to be presented on different media: on the screen, on paper, with a speech synthesizer, with a braille device, etc.

We can define print style by few ways:

  1. Make a seperate css file to define print style and link it by specifying media=print, <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="print.css" media="print" />
  2. Insert a <style media="print"> snippet into the <head>.
  3. Define @media print rule inline with our CSS code: @media print {#text_print:display:visible;}.

I'd reccomended option 1 or 3 if the project is small.

In additional I occasionally found that the Web Development extetion for Chrome already support this, we don't have to waste many pieces of papersSmile.

Web Development Tool

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