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PacktPub 10 years celebration

PacktPub 10 years celebration PacktPub 10 years celebration! All eBooks and Videos at just $10 each until July 5th, my book <Instant Cucumber BDD How-To> will also be promoted on the celebration page, hooray! #Packt10Dollar

My Love on Vim

My life with Vim I started learning Vim during Aug, 2011, the original motivation was trying to "get rid of my mouse while I am coding", I had no teacher but google, learnt it from the very hard way. From the beginning 2-3 months, honest speaking, I was less productive while using Vim comparing with IDEs, there were so many things I could do in second in IDE, for example: search/replace, formatting, re-factoring, folding, and so on, whereas I had to spent days in learning how to accomplish a simple task in Vim, that was really painful, but I never gave up! After the first two months of e...

Setup MongoDB with sharding infrastructure

The landscape  Sharding is the strategy that MongoDB uses to horizentally scale the entire data store infrustructure and meet the demands of data,growth, the infrastructure can be demonstrated as image below: Preparation To simulate a production like environment, a minimum number of 7 physical/virtual servers are required, the role of them are: 3 for Mongo config servers 1 for Mongo shard server (mongos) 3 for a Mongo shard (Replica set), 1 primary and 2 secondary (or 1 secondary and 1 arbiter). Note: all the machines above need have mongod installed, for in...

MongoDB Schema Design and Common Practices

Installation Exhaustive documentation: Mongo executables will be installed into /use/bin/, database files will under /data/db/ Log file location: /var/log/mongodb/mongodb.log

WTF?IBM Lotus and Domino Server?

Technical tags: IBM, Domino, AIX, LotusScript, ODBC/JDBC, ADO, OLE DB, Assume we are now in Jurassic period, the technologies above are in Cambrian period, developers who has less than 4 years experience probably never heard about any of the above terminologies... No choice, I was dealing with them during the passes few weeks, I met ODBC as soon as I graduated while I was development ASP website using VBScript, but it was soon replaced by ADO, and after half a year I started studying .NET so I used ADO.NET, nowadays we usually talk to Entity Framework which abstracts ADO.NET interfaces... N...

Cache Reverse Proxy - Varnish

Introduction Varnish is an HTTP accelerator, the official page is: Varnish stands in front of the web application server to be a cache reverse proxy (also can be a load balancer), it can simply cache all the static resources in memory, and can also be powerfully configed using VCL (Varnish Configuration Language, a DSL for Varnish configuration) to cache dynamic content, in addition, Varnish implements ESI (Edge Side Include) standards to provide ability to cache static parts of the page.

Cache Reverse Proxy - nginx

Introduction On the homepage of nxing wiki, there used to be one sentence which really impressed my very much when I first time to take a look at it and learn it three years ago: Apache is like Microsoft Word, it has a million options but you only need six. Nginx does those six things, and it does five of them 50 times faster than Apache.  --Chris Lea

12 tips to boost RSpect and Cucumber

In our daily TDD/BDD work, we spent most of our time in test cases, we analyze requirements, write test case, run it and watch it fail, implement code to make the test pass, repeat the process "until money runs out". Thus the speed of running those test cases have significant impact on a team's performance, ! You can't tolerance writing a test case, waiting 1 minute finish; You can't tolerance CI finishes running all RSpec/Cucumber tests for half an hour! I can't! So I motivated to improve this! The result

Observation on CDN

Motivation Leveraging CDN (Content Delivery Network) to speed up static files loading time is one of the most important fact which affects a website's loading time, CDN was emphasized in many articles related with improving website's performance, for example: Nicholas C. Zakas - How content delivery networks (CDNs) work Why the CDN industry is so important Importance of Using CDN to Speed Up Website Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site

Honored to be CodeProject MVP 2012

It is a huge honor for me, I appreciate the recognition from the CodeProject team, and I believe this is not only a recognition but also a kind of encourage, I will definitely try my best to work harder in the coming 2012:)

Resolving mouseover/mouseout multi-trigger problem

Background While I was developing my blog's comments function, I hope reader can write down their Gravatar email address, and my preferable UI was an "hint icon" dispolayed desides the Email textbox, so that while reader mouse overs it an overlay box will show the reason why Email is required, in additional, I want to add a little bit fancier animation: When user's mouse hovers on the icon, show the div box from small to large, once reaches predefined size, fades in the hint sentente. When mouse out the icon, fades out the hint sentence and then hides the div from large to small. My ...

Modify proxy settings using Powershell

To use Live Messenger in the office, I always need to firstly disable my proxy settings, after Live Messenger launched, I need turn it back. Thus everytime I need to change that from "Internet Options -> Connections -> Lan Settings ->", check/uncheck the checkboxes, well, this task I need to do at least one time a day, I as a developer should achieve this in a more efficient and convenient way. By overcoming one problem I wrote a snippet of Powershell cmdlet which does the job perfectly, the steps are: Update proxy settings to "Automatically detect settings". Launch Live Messenger...

Windows 8 - Far from perfect

Recently I spent a few days in investigating Metro App (AKA immersive UI) development, I downloaded & installed VS 2011 Ultimate, watched couple of videos talking about WinRT, Metro App life cycle, Living tiles & Notifications, etc. So far, I've encountered many many issues... I had to say: Windows 8 - Long Way to go. Below are few examples. Metro App failed to got suspended This happened when Ben Srour was doing the demo at Build conference, I encountered, too. His walking arround was killing explorer process and relaunch it manually, I copied that and my app successfully...

Honored to Win CodeProject HTML5 competition

Three months ago, my article <HTML5 WebSocket In Essence> was honored to be named first prize in CodeProject HTML5 & CSS3 competion, the award was an Ipad2. To be very honest I was expecting to win a T-Shirt or a CP Mug, if I could get either on I would be really excited, so when I received the email congratulating me I was the winner, you can image how excited and happy I was at that time. However, the editor from CodeProject told me they were unable to ship the Ipad2 to China, they could give me equivalent money - $499.99, however after a very short consideration I decided to ta...

Make your HTML5 Video support all browsers

Introduction HTML5 video tag gave us the following advantages: No plugin required, directly play. Visible & controllable for Browser and search engine, not a "black box" such as Flash or SilverLight. Cross-platform, in theory all PC/mobile browsers as well as Ipad/Windows 8/Android tablet PC.  Downward compatibility. Which is very important, but W3C had made it simple and works, we can smoothly fall back to flash if the user agent does not recognize "<video>" tag. So it is simple and pretty cool! However, there is still issues within a not short period: the browser support ...

Atomic Operation in C#.Net

Introduction Atomic Operation is named academic to Linearizability, Atomicity is a guarantee of isolation from concurrent processes, it can be enfored by hardware level build on Cache Coherence protocol, or software level exclusive lock. In this blog post, I am going to explore a few number of mechanisms to achieve atomic operation in .Net. What are Atomic operations and what are not? In C# Specification, the stamement about atomic operation is: “Reads and writes of the following data types shall be atomic: bool, char, byte, sbyte, short, ushort, uint, int, float, and refere...

URL Rewrite Rules used by

I've successfully transferred my website to winhost, now the architecture is IIS 7.5 + ASP.NET 4.0 + SQL Server 2008 R2 + HTML5, this blog post is a summary about URL Rewrite Rules used by RESTful URL for blogs Blog posts are absolutely the soul of a blog website, comparing with blog URL format: "/yyyy/MM/{Blog_Title}", I actually prefer "/Blog/{Blog_Title}", more simpler/shorter, in additional and more important, generally speacking,valuable content is valuable no matter when it was posted, for example, a developer is searching C# covariance & contravariance articles,...

Print partial web content

Per project needs we need print part of a web page, which I have no idea when I saw this requirement, I googled and I read this post:, it basically use document.write to write the content you want to print to a new window by, it works, however I really don't like the opened window. Occasionally I tried to find out whether CSS can achieve such function, seemed I was on the right way: CSS media types is to control different display settings on different "media", controled completely b...

HTML5 WebMessaging In Essence

Download - 2.97 KB As a web developer, sometimes we are easy to encounter one problem: Cross-Domain communication, conforming Same-Origin-Policy, JavaScript code cannot access code stay in different domain(or sub-domain) or protocol (HTTP/HTTPs) or port, so there was no direct (or I can say: simple) way to achieve Cross-Domain Communication. However, those kinds of requirements does happen: page A and page B are in different domain,  B is "embedded" in A, i.e., there is an "iframe" in page A whose "src" is page B's URL, now page A want... on Ubuntu 11.04

Introduction is a brilliant project which perfectly supports HTML5 WebSocket, in additional, it can fall back to flash or long polling when the client web browser does not support WebSocket, I explored it today on Ubuntu, I summarized the process in this post.   Install nodejs I used nodejs v0.4.11, the latest stable version, by mannually compile/make/install. sudo curl -o ~/Desktop/WayneDevLab/node.tar sudo tar -xf node.tar cd node-v0.4.11 ./configure make sudo make install In the "./configure" step above if it prompted "lib...

HTML5 WebSocket in Essence技术分享

今天下午,我非常荣幸受邀参加HTML5兴趣小组每月一次的沙龙活动,我给大家分享了HTML5 WebSocket的特性,协议本质,以及我的Team Poker demo。 第一次做技术分享,表面“淡定“,内心紧张,因语速较快原本打算持续1个小时左右的分享,大约40分钟就结束了,囧 现场照片 在谈各种comet技巧 PPT HTML5 WebSocket in Essence on Prezi 现场视频 摄影帅哥貌似对焦不实的说 下一次,希望更好!+U!

JavaScript - Foundation of the Language

Introduction JavaScript "was born under the shadow of Java" - Brenden Eich, it is "the most misunderstood programming language in the world" - Douglas Crockford. JavaScript was used so widely nowadays, nearly everywhere as long as you are using a web browser and surfing the internet, most of the websites have JS inside, and even server side - nodejs, according to, JavaScript is the fourth popular programming language in the world.  In this post I am trying to use refined language to cover some foundation of JavaScript (many of which con...

Exception handling particulars in C#

Background Exception handling appears in most .NET applications, this post is trying to describe some  Exception handling particulars in C# which might not take enough awareness from C# developers.  Differences between throw and throw ex  I guess every C# developer has seen code snippet below: try {     // Do some work, exception occurs } catch (IOException ex) {     // Exception caught, re-throw it to bubble up     throw ex; } In the catch block, we can rethrow the caught exception instance of IOException to higher level, an...

HTML5 Web Socket in Essence

HTML5 WebSocket defines a bi-directional, full-duplex communication channel operates through a single TCP connection, this article discusses its fantastic performance, the WebSocket protocol principle and its handshake mechanism, and develop a WebSocket application in action (Team Poker). </embed> Embeded youku video link because Youtube is outside of the largest "intranet" in the entire universe!! Table of Content Introduction Background WebSocket In Essence Experimental Demos Browser Support WebSocket JavaScript API Develop WebSocket In Action - Team Poker Open Issues Conclusio...

AJAX Cross-Origin HTTP request

Background Cross-Origin Request Sharing - CORS (A.K.A. Cross-Domain AJAX request) is an issue that most web developers might encounter, according to Same-Origin-Policy, browsers restrict client JavaScript in a security sandbox, usually JS cannot directly communicate with a remote server from a different domain. In the past developers created many tricky ways to achieve Cross-Domain resource request, most commonly using ways are: Use Flash/Silverlight or server side as a "proxy" to communicate with remote. JSON With Padding (JSONP). Embeds remote server in an iframe and communicate th...

HTML5 Web Storage in Essence

Background Web Storage (also named Dom storage) is a brand new mechanism of storing temporary/permanent data introduced in HTML5 to replace cookie, it contains two new DOM objects: sessionStoragy and localStorage), in Web Storage Spec, Ian Hickson documented that Web Storage are intended to solve two cases that "not handled well by Cookie", they are: The first is designed for scenarios where the user is carrying out a single transaction, but could be carrying out multiple transactions in different windows at the same time. The second storage mechanism is designed fo...

Significant Enhancement in Internet Explorer 9

Background Microsoft announced Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate on  Feb 10th, 2011, RC indicates except bug fixing, there would not have big changes before the final RTM. Since I've been keeping a watchful eye on IE9 from its very first preview version, I would like to write a post about its significant enhancement from a developer's point of view, I intend to summarize most significant enhancement points of IE9 listed below: Enhanced performance The New Chakra JavaScript Engine Hardware Acceleration Enhanced Web Standard Support HTML5 (hu...

HTML is the new HTML5

Few days ago Ian Hickson wrote a blog: HTML is the new HTML5, he referred "we moved to a new development model", and comes with two major changes: The HTML specification will henceforth just be known as "HTML", with the URL The WHATWG HTML spec now became "living standard", "It's more mature than any version of the HTML specification". I took a screenshot below: In a simple sentence: HTML is going to "unversioned model", according to this there is definitely a concern: OK, living standard? Does this mean the standard could be changed/updated/revised at anytime?...

Unique URL Pattern in Ajax Web Application

Testing: Can I really edit this? Background Few days ago one of my friend asked me how does Gmail change its URL while user operates inside it without page refreshing, I’ve no idea about that at that time, he then shared a link Ajax Pattern - Unique URLs which deep dives into this topic, as the article mentioned: Unique URL make your website’s link “Bookmarkable, Linkable, Type-In-Able”, plus Sharable IMHO, easy to be shared to Social network which is extremely important nowadays. Implementation The key technology to achieve the ““Unique URL” goal could be summarized into two points: If t...

IP Address to Geolocation

Background Few months ago I found an interesting website:, it provided API which could “translate” any IP Address into a geography location including City/Region/Country as well as latitude/longitude and time zone information, to invoke its API, a registered API key is required (which is free). Since beforehand I stored visitor’s IP Addresses into my own database, I decided to utilize InfoDB API to store visitor’s GEO locations. Just few days ago, I casually emitted an idea: summarize those GEO location records and display them on Google Map, hum, it is feasible:) So, ...

Utilize gzip compression in IIS

GZIP format is developed by GNU Project and standardized by IETF in RFC 1952, which MUST be considered by web developers to improve their websites' performance, there are several Quintessential articles documented using gzip compression, they are: 10 Tips for Writing High-Performance Web Applications Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site How To Optimize Your Site With GZIP Compression IIS 7 Compression. Good? Bad? How much? A gzip compressed HTTP package can significantly save bandwidth thus speed up browser rendering after use hitting enter, so that user experie...

Microsoft Desktop Player

MSDN TechNet Flash has announced Microsoft Desktop Player, now it is in Beta, it can be accessed through the official website which is Silverlight based: I also installed the desktop version, the desktop version is not a Silverlight OOB, instead, it is a traditional Winform, see screenshot below:

A complete Impersonation Demo in C#.NET

Under some scenarios we need impersonate another Windows account and do some work under that user’s session, for example: An enterprise ASP.NET web application provides server administrators’ ability to access the server under some specific privilege set; Server admin input their NT account information (domain\account + password) on the page, we need get WinNT Access Token and then impersonate this server user, so that we acquire its specific privilege and do the things ONLY THIS ACCOUNT CAN DO. We developed a Windows Service which needs internet access periodically, but a specific user ...

Programmatically PIN shortcut onto Taskbar on Win7

Background During my work I got one requirement of pinning a specific shortcut file (*.lnk) onto the Windows 7 Taskbar, after investigating I found programmtically achive this is “not permitted”, refer MSDN article: A small set of applications are pinned by default for new installations. Other than these, only the user can pin further applications; programmatic pinning by an application is not permitted. However, the exception comes from Windows Script Hosting, a snippet of VBscript can achieve my requirement, I read severa...

Encrypt .Net Configuration file

Under some scenarios the developers want to encrypt some sections inside app.config or web.config file, this article How To: Encrypt Configuration Sections in ASP.NET 2.0 Using RSA describes how to do so clearly, Scott Guthrie also posted one: Encrypting Web.Config Values in ASP.NET 2.0. However, in the posts above they uses aspnet_regiis.exe and seems it doesn’t directly support app.config, if we want to encrypt app.config for Windows Form or WPF applications, while I tried use it to encrypt my app.config file, it generates a web.config which means my Winform definitely can’t use it, even...

Personal Schedule Management Tool

Time is always ticking no matter you care it or you don’t care it, everyone knows it including myself, to remind myself don’t waste too much time on gaming, reading news or something else, I developed a little tool which I call it “Personal Schedule Management Tool” to achieve this simple goal. Mechanism I create an XML file to store a serial of [time stamp/task to do] pairs, the tool will start with Windows and load the XML file, a working timer behind it will periodically check whether there is a task needs to be done at defined time stamp, once the condition is matched, the tool will ...

A good lesson and experience

I was extremely busy during the last two weeks, since our project was at bug fixing phase, my team and I worked really hard on dealing with the bugs; We fixed two to three bugs everyday by average, I am very satisfied with the efficiency myself. During this process, I encountered several very interesting issues. There was a crash bug with P1 priority, we all cannot reproduced it until one guy from US team provided a remote server that our product always crashed, after I logged onto that server and 20 minutes investigating, I was really surprised, the reason is one line of code written by ...

作息时间自动提醒Windows Service

经济危机真真切切的影响到了几乎每一个人,09年过去三分之一多一点了,生活不太规律,确实太忙的说,工作换了,房子也换了,又做回了张江男,觉得自己再不好好努力会Out的。。。都奔三儿而去了。。。于是乎,为了勉励自己,做了这么个东东。 一个Windows Service,里面跑一个Timer,每隔10秒check一下当前时间,一旦发现时间吻合,则调用Microsoft Speech Technology? 发声提醒,超级简单,不过。。。以后要么得一直戴着心爱的森海塞尔,要么只能用音箱了。。。 服务描述:Notify Wayne to follow the schedule established by himself. If this service is disabled, Wayne may waste a lot of time... 项目层级:  WayneScheduleService.cs Windows Service后台代码


前几天在网上找到这么个酷酷的玩意,用JS给图片加上各种各样的圆角效果,官方主页: 看后顿时觉得很酷,今天周末,有时间来搞搞这个:) 读了官网的说明后发现很简单,下载corner.js(本地下载 ),然后页面include后直接使用class="自己挑一个喜欢的class"就ok了。 那么这里有个问题,如果你的Blog上线已有时日(比如鄙博),难道要手动更新你之前所有Blog里的图片代码给它们加上 class?? 呵呵,这点事根本不能称之为问题:)当然是加段JS脚本给动态注册className喽,鄙播采用了Div+Css架构以及 MasterPage,所有的Blog都包含于一个名为“ContentPlaceHolder”对Div中

这几天研究Url Rewrite:)

在开发这个自己用的Blog时,决定认真研究一下以前接触过的URL Rewrite,我见过类似这样的域名:,一直不知道怎么实现的,正好借这次机会研究一下。 从前天开始就一直在努力,基本上是第一天差了大半天资料,这篇文章写得非常详细,向作者致敬!第二天终于上手做出Demo,但有Bug,第三天解决了Bug,完美运行^_^ 其实简单点说,个人觉得对于ASP.NET开发者实现URL Rewrite基本有3种途径: 1. 修改IIS ISAPI扩展,例如把”.xx”交给aspnet_isapi.dll ISAPI 扩展,就成了这样:”xxx.htm?q=blah”,这样就是最简单直接的SEO,但由于我是虚拟主机所以我仅仅只在本地试了下,不知道精英科技的管理面板是否支持,我没有试。2. 修改WebConfig,添加

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BMW Convertible As My Beater Car

Life is too short to drive boring cars I bought a 2015 BMW X5 Dec last year, it has been half a year so far (with 2 months she stayed inside the garage for most of the time due to the pandemic), I am pretty satisfied with it, her condition is absolutely excellent, everything works, yes you see it correctly, after 5 years of its life, there was nothing broken, as BMW vehicle built in recent years, this is something not VERY easy. My plan is to keep it as long as possible before it turns into an endless money pit, and keeping her value as high as possible, one of the major reason I b...

SkyJump from Stratosphere Tower at Las Vegas - Smile all the way down

Instead of spending any cent in the money pit casinos, I’d chose to do something more meaningful and exciting :) SkyJump Las Vegas SkyJump Las Vegas holds the Guinness World Record for highest commercial decelerator descent with an official height of 829 ft (253 m) and is located at Stratosphere Las Vegas. As part of its grand opening event, Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman presented a written proclamation deeming April 20, 2010 as SkyJump Day in Las Vegas. – Wikipedia (

Ireland Trip 2019

WHEN YOU ARE OLD When you are old and grey and full of sleep, And nodding by the fire, take down this book, And slowly read, and dream of the soft look Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep; How many loved your moments of glad grace, And loved your beauty with love false or true, But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, And loved the sorrows of your changing face; And bending down beside the glowing bars, Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled And paced upon the mountains overhead And hid his face amid a crowd of stars. – By William Butler Yeats 当你年老时     ...

Apply UK Visit VISA

Background I was planning to attend #adskfootball2019 in Dublin, Ireland from Jun 14th to Jun 16th, 2019: Autodesk Football Tournament 2019 In order to attend, I needed applying Ireland VISA, and since I was planning to fly back to Shanghai later in June, so I thought I could just fly from SF to Dublin, then Dublin to Shanghai, and soon I realized that there is no direct flight from DUB to PVG, so a practical (and also very fun and economic) option is to fly from Dublin to London, and then London to Shanghai, bingo ^_^

FC Barcelona Miracle Comeback!

0:4到6:1 - 史诗般的逆转 From 0:4 to 6:1 - Epic comeback 2017年3月8日,巴塞罗那诺坎普球场,加泰罗尼亚足球巨人巴塞罗那队坐镇主场迎战巴黎圣日耳曼队,带着首回合0:4的比分,开始了几乎所有人都认为的荣誉之战,绝大多数人(包括我在内),都认为巴萨可能会赢,但绝不可能翻盘,自有欧洲冠军杯以来,没有任何球队在落后4球的情况下能搬回来,迄今为止最惊天动地的翻盘出现在13年前,AC米兰主场4:1战胜拉科鲁尼亚,回到拉科主场,由马凯,潘迪亚尼、贝莱隆等人领衔实现4:0的疯狂逆转。此次虽说巴萨有世上无双的MSN三叉戟,巴黎账面上也绝对比当年的AC米兰差了点点,但是毕竟巴萨可是可怜得连个客场进球都没有,而大巴黎状态正佳,进1球就几乎可以宣告巴萨死刑,因为在此情况下他们需要进6球,面对由当世顶尖中卫蒂亚戈席尔瓦领衔的大巴黎防线,这种期望值是否太。。。然而,足球就是足球,理性分析与实际结果的差距经常巨大!就在此时,就在此地,巴塞罗那队实现了欧冠历史上绝无仅有的超级大逆转,全世界所有足球迷,即使不是巴萨的粉丝,都被此神迹彻底燃爆! Mar 8th 2017, Camp Nou stadium at Barcelona, the Catalan giant faced Paris Saint Germain, with a 0:4 loss take...

New Life Begins In BayArea

多年的梦想实现,展望崭新的人生目标!始终自勉,热诚而稳重,谦逊但专注;不卑不亢,以德服人;严于律己,宽以待人;永远斗志高昂,笑对挫折;不断修善自身,追求一颗强大的内心,永不言败! Long time's dream comes true, looking forward to brand new target now, self-encourage, be zealous and steady, modest but focused; be neither overbearing nor servile, win people by virtue; always be passionate, laughs in the face of setback; continuously upgrade myself, pursue a strong heart, never talking about failure! <img src="

My Book <Instant Cucumber BDD How-to>

The background I received an email during November 2012 from Packt, in the email they asked me whether or not consider writing a book for them related with BDD using Cucumber based on Rails platform, the book will only contains 50-70 pages, they named this kind of book "Instant book", usually it is a quick guide for beginners using some kinds of technologies. Well, my first reaction was: "Wow, I even never thought about writing a book, if I am going to write one, hum... can I?", I did suspect myself a little bit, especially, the book will be written in English, I admitted I was not confiden...

My New iMac

Hooray! My new development & gaming machine - the later 2013 iMac! I wrote this blog post to record my thoughts and feelings before and after I purchased this baby:) My open questions and the answers I got from the Apple customer service I will choose a dedicated SSD, will it be PCIe based? Will the 2013 iMac easy to expand memory? Similar with the later 2012? If I purchase the apple care in Singapore apple website online, will it valid in case in the future I migrated to other country (for example, USA) ? Will the iMac pre-installed OSX mavericks? If I buy a external USB 3.0 hard driv...

Rooted my HTC Sensation (G14)

Where there is an Android phone, there are reasons to root it. Here I took a note how I rootedmy HTC Sensation (A.K.A G14): Find the S/N on battery, and find HBoot version by holding "Volumn down" and long press power down.  Install modified HTC drive from: Go to, get the beta key, run it. S-Off OK Put under the root location of the SD card. Reboot to bootloader/HBOOT screen In bootloader it will prompt to update, press "Volumn Up" to select update  Refer more detailed information: How to ...

败了Nikon D7000

周六去星光入手了心仪已久的Nike D7000,配了个35mm/1.8 G,特别鸣谢Sean童鞋,不仅全程陪同,帮忙砍价,验机,最后还帮我全额付款,感动得我那个内牛满面啊^_^ 玩了两天,出了点片,this is just a start, 出片才是硬道理!!我会努力证明这款强大的机器在我这只菜鸟手上会发挥很大威力:)眼下还是很菜的。。。 菜片showing below:

My new Dev box - HP Z800 Workstation

两个星期以前我实在无法忍受Visual Studio 2010的缓慢,即使Disable了IntelliTrace以及别的一些的优化也没有显著改善,而我很清楚这台HP XW9400虽然也很强大很CPU主频很低:2.2G,CPU Rank 300名外。。 我向Manager申请一台新的开发机,老大欣然同意了,于是我跟部门的IT沟通说只希望CPU,内存,硬盘快些就行了,不要光驱和显卡。 两周后Z800到货了!!CPU按我要求的是Intel Xeon 5680,6核主频3.33G,12M三级缓存,开启超线程后任务管理器里显示12个CPU!!8G内存加360GB 7200R/S硬盘(这个有点短板),没有光驱:)。 这颗CPU在cpubenchmark.net上现今排名高居第6名:


对于已经石化的我,你们这点小小的努力对我来说算不得什么,反正,anyway,你们爱怎么搞怎么搞 ^ 我已经十分清楚自己想要什么。 I insert a flag here today, and I know some day I will pull it out and leave:)

2010年5月23日 - 属于Nerazzurri的一天

意大利当地时间5月22日晚,国际米兰2:0击败拜仁慕尼黑获得09-10年度欧洲冠军杯,同时一举获得“三冠王”,成为意大利历史上第一支获取三冠王的球队! 这一夜,对于全世界所有的Nerazzurri而言,是无比骄傲与幸福的!国际米兰经历一个漫长而艰难赛季,最终没有留下任何遗憾!电话门之后最困难的赛季,意大利杯战胜死敌罗马,欧冠半决赛淘汰上赛季六冠王巴萨!他们创造了历史!这样的球队配得上所有的赞美,国米完成一个完美的赛季! 在全场结束哨声吹响的那一刻,在萨队举起大耳朵杯的那一刻,在整个伯纳乌响彻《Pazza Inter》的那一刻,熬了一整夜有些疲惫的我,嘴角浮现出一丝微笑,眼里也有一点点幸福的泪水。我在电视机镜头里看见很多Nerazzurri留下幸福的泪水,无论男女老少,作为中国球迷我也许没有他们的感触那么深刻,但是,从96年开始,我便开始喜欢这支蓝黑色的球队,因为他对冠军的强烈渴望,因为他高贵而忧郁的气质,因为他有很多我喜欢的球星,因为他有一个慈祥善良的主席。。。更因为,他一次又一次的倒在成功的路上:球星黑洞,换帅如麻,阵容强大但发挥极不稳定,一到关键时刻就掉链子。。。联赛关键战役输给尤文(金童皮耶罗的成名之作),最后一轮输给拉齐奥(罗纳尔多的泪水),0:6惨败同城对手AC米兰,所有这些痛苦的经历,从来没有让我改变过对他的关注,欣赏和喜爱;相反,一次又一次的伤心与失望,让懵...

My Powerful PC!!!So Excited!!!

几经周折,我的超强DIY机器终于到了,这几乎就是我的梦想了,尽管连熬两夜赶项目(2天加起来睡了10个小时),周五下午已经是走路都走不稳了:),但当我抱着那个从NewEgg来的大箱子时我所有的疲劳和烦恼全都没了,6年了,我没换过台式机,实在厌烦了本本苗条的身材,平平的性能,我要Power!就像老美对70年代的肌肉车那种特殊的爱好,我对PC的审美观那就是Power!我自认为是个Geek,组装所有配件在保证性价比和够用就好的原则下,亲手打造一台主机的工作/游戏机,我乐此不疲! 百度百科上对Geek(极客)的解释:Geek也可能是电脑高手也可能不一定是电脑高手,不过大部分都对电脑有莫大的偏爱,他们可能会对一切新鲜玩意儿都弄来搞搞.Geek是新的精英亚文化群,是一群爱好新事物的、以技术为中心的、同时对社会怀有深刻不满的地下人类. 熟悉鄙人的人都知道,鄙人是个“反革命”。。。Stop。。。See here OK,正题!鄙人配置: Hardware Details Price CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor Model BX80570E8400 - Retail $194.99 Motherboard ASUS P5K-E/WIFI-AP LGA 775...

来美国一个月的生活小结 (上)

一个月了,基本上都习惯了,衣食住行,文化,交流,觉得适应得还行吧,零零散散的想记录一下平时的所思所感。 食:首先当然是吃饭问题,民以食为天,饭吃不好那问题可是大大的!吃的最多附近的当属汉堡了,大口大口的,呵呵。想起第一次吃汉堡是90年在北京,我们一堆小屁孩一人发一个麦当劳的牛肉汉堡,我们都实在无法忍受两块“面包”中间的那“坨”肉饼,无论是视觉还是味觉都从心理上第一时间抵制了,总之大家都扔了,只吃“面包”和薯条。之后从不太厌恶变成现在的还有点喜欢,隔段时间也许还想啃上一个(比如上海的汉堡王鄙人就比较喜欢,呵呵),临走之前Monica说那个(叫什么来着的店,不记得了)有70块大洋的一个巨大汉堡,比较感兴趣的说,一直想去吃呢。。。那么来美国一个月后,我对汉堡的认识是更加深刻了,每天中午去微软的食堂,对我来讲基本上只有3.5种选择:1. 皮萨2. 汉堡3. 沙拉3.5 每天变换的汤 汤由于不能解决温饱问题所以算0.5个好了,皮萨最简单了,就躺在那,铲一片走人,直接买单(2刀),也是最便宜的了。汉堡呢就有很多选择,Turkey burger($3.10), Angus Burger($4.15),Blah Blah Burger(最多7刀,猪鸡鱼牛都有,名字太多太复杂不记得了),我老是吃Turkey burger,真可怜呵呵, ok,说下汉堡是怎么做成的,鄙人原来是不知道的。先跟厨...

人生中那些重要的第一次 - 塔科玛机场见闻

这个时候我已经坚持了十几个小时,人昏昏沉沉的,但是。。。要面对边境检查,还是得打起精神,这是第一次,所以没有任何经验,我心想:“别搞得折腾了半天挂在检察官手里让我回家,机票他报销。。”,呵呵。 在等待过边检的时候看到一张宣传图,上书:“Keep our doors open and nation secure.” 赞!!! 我的理解是: 我们欢迎人才!在保证国家安全的前提下! 不拘一格降人才! 在过去的一个多世纪里,美国宽松灵活的移民政策在很大程度上保证了这个国家领先于世界民族之林。 不过近几年呢,尤其是911之后,老大很受伤,变得相对谨慎。。。很多仁人志士对此颇有微词,比如比尔盖茨。 正思考着呢,轮到俺了。Check我的检察官是个黑人,问了些问题,现在只记得问有没有带食物,我回答没有,之前在飞机上韩国空姐给的单子上我也填的没有,我觉得我带过来的那一箱热干面应该不会伤害山姆大叔的农民伯伯吧:)我的邀请函上只有26天,我的PM让我要3个月,那么在检察官问我时间时我跟他说:请您给我3个月,因为培训已经延长了。他没说啥,就一个劲的在那里盖章,好多章要盖!大概有20分钟吧,ok了,看到同事已经在等我了,发现自己已经汗湿了,没办法,里面有点热。 <P>随便拍了张</P><P></P>

人生中那些重要的第一次 - 仁川到西雅图塔科玛

到这边以后忙着倒时差熟悉工作和联系家人了,没空写部落格里,今天稍微闲了点,爬上来继续记录人生中最重要的第一次:) <P>——————正文——————-</P><P>这趟9跟小时的旅途着实辛苦,虽然无论是航空公司还是我自己都做好了各种消遣的,不可谓不完善的准备。</P><P>我的装备^_^:</P><P>PS2手柄还没照出来的,放脚下了,空间太小实在不可能放上面,</P><P>大韩航空公司准备了一高科技玩意,我一坐上位置就研究上了(没办法,谁叫俺没出过国呢,乡巴佬一个。。),就是这玩意: </P><P>呵呵,玩游戏的手柄,这是背面,正面是另外的一些功能,有:电影(比较多,各种类别的,我看到有国家宝藏2算最近流行的),CD音乐(我基本上只认识Celine Dion,见下面一点;靠!再怎么着也得有Linkin Park吧?!),航班情况(动态显示飞机在地图上的位置,跟上篇里的差不多),免税信息(高丽棒子赚钱用的),儿童乐园(俺是成人,不玩),等等等等,不记得了。。。飞机上一旦有广播,它就会自动

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AWS reinvent 2019 - Las Vegas

This is my second time attending AWS re-Invent, last time was year 2017, the purpose of this blog is to summarize what I’ve learned, impressed and entertained :smile: At reinvent logo Crazy crowd at midnight madness party Overall during my week staying my daily schedule was listening to sessions mixed with slack/emails during the daylight, and party/social in the evening time. All the keynotes/sessions have been uploaded here: and all announcements were summarized at this page, my personal top 5 thrilled announcement...

Experiencing Windows 8 Tablet

This week is a Tablet week for me, Shilpa told me the Ipad2 I won in the Codeproject HTML5 & CSS3 competition had just arrived at Cupertino office, and my boss notified me he had successfully helped me bought an HP Touchpad - $99,  and my colleague Jun Yi participated Winndows Builld event hosted on Sep 13th in Anaheim, CA, no doubt, he got a free Windows 8 Tablet, I envy him, absolutely; however this afternoon, he kindly borrowed it to me for the entire China National Day, I appreciate him. My Ipad2 and HP Touchpad will be brought by Mr.X who will visit Shanghai office recently, I...

[转]揭秘朝鲜自主操作系统:红星Red Star

据国外资讯网站RT报道,朝鲜(North Korea)不仅拥有自主的、与基于美国的万维网相互独立的区域网络,而且还拥有自行研发的红星Red Star操作系统。据悉,红星OS是去年由朝鲜IT技术人员在Linux操作系统的基础上改进而来的。俄罗斯学者Mikhail利用他在金日成大学交流之际获得了这款红星OS。他花费了5美元在距离宿舍五分钟步行路程的地方购得两张安装光盘。系统共分为客户端和服务器两种版本,第三方软件可以另外花钱购买。 废话不多说,下面就让我们一睹为快:   1、拆包后的安装盘,上下共两张; 图(1)   2、启动Logo画面,红星OS支持硬盘或网络下载安装,整个过程约为10-25分钟。启动安装程序后,用户会发现整个过程与Windows十分相似,但更加快速、简单,而且只有朝鲜语一种语言版本; 图(2)   3、登录界面:默认为Root用户名,右侧的Lim是游客账号; 图(3)   4、Red Star桌面

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PMP exam passed:)

Yesterday I received an Email from PMI, which confirmed I've passed the PMP exam and now became a certificated PMP, hum, I didn't expect the result came out in such a short duration, but anyway, feeling exicting:) I took the exam on Dec 4th, 2010, I still remember how hard I went over all the knowledge points from 4 books plus other material during the entire November: excepting eating, sleeping, working, I waseither reading PMP books or doing practice test, my mind was full filled with 5 Project Processes, Cost, Time (Schedule), Risk, Communication, EVM, Critical Path, Pareto Chart, ...

Study EVM (Earned Value Management) - Part 2

Once the CPI/SPI were calculated at some time-stamp, project manager should be deeper analyses, he need to predict the future cost: ETC (Estimate To Completion) Then EAC (Estimate At Completion) = AC + ETC How to calculate ETC based on current situation (EV/AC/PV and SPI&CPI), there are usually three methods: Regardless of current Schedule/Cost Performance Index This way is simple, I don’t care what’s happened, EAC = BAC + EAC – AC, in other words, project team is confident to finish the project below estimated cost. Estimated based on current CPI This way is stra...

Study EVM (Earned Value Management) – Part 1

During the past few days I was studying Project Time Management in PMBOK, for preparing the upcoming PMP exam on 4th December 2010, while I spent a few hours on understanding/mastering EVM, I log my memory here EVM stands for Eearned Value Management, it is a complementary for Critical Path Method schedule management, its purpose could be described as “What did we get for the money we spent?” the definition of is in Wikipedia is below: Earned value management (EVM) is a project management technique for measuring project progress in an objective manner. EVM has the ability to combine me...

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Master AWS Development Video Published

Course overview video Publishing information After 8 months of continuously hard working, this <Master AWS Development> video course is now live at: Packt Website, I described this course as below: Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the gold standard of the cloud. If you are web and cloud computing developer, your life becomes much easier by diving deeper into AWS. This course shows you how to use AWS services such as IAM, S3, EC2, and RDS/Dynamo to make your applications reliable and have a consistent performance. You’ll build modern serverless applications on the cloud, and u...

Passing AWS Certified Solutions Architect

3 years of AWS hands on experience, two months of preparation, 30 hours of course learning, 300+ exam practices, this was the work I’ve done to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, my exam result is below:

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Storage+Media home server for less than $300

Background I have been researched and watched many NAS options to setup a home storage+media server during the past year, and so far there was no perfect answer, either lacking features/performance, or way too expensive… An Intel Celeron CPU + 1GB mem with a customized Linux (in other words: closed source )running Plex or something else, and the cost is like $400 (terrible hardware performance), or $800+/$1000+, way too expensive, examples: Synology DS216J NAS DiskStation (DS216j) WD My Cloud EX4100 Diskless Expert Series 4-Bay NAS NETGEAR ReadyNAS 524X High Performance 10GbE 4-bay...

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